Major Friend list overhaul

Am doing a big clearing out over the next day or two here, and finally letting go of some people I know I followed for a reason but have vanished into the murky depths of the internets, as well as some other necessary housecleaning. I hate having to admit some things have died and gone, but no one but a small dedicated circle seems to be here anymore, so time to be real.

If for some reason, you do truly exist on the other side of this screen and find yourself mistakenly pruned, let me know. Comments are screened.


Housekeeping of sorts

It looks like more and more folks are fleeing the fuckdom that is LJ and settling in over at DW> Which means I have to dust off the cobwebs of my DW account ([personal profile] eccequambonum - shocker, I know) and start cross posting again. Which I hate. Why? Because XJournal is such a quick and easy way to update as opposed to updates from the browser, but of course no one has developed a third-party app for posting to DW yet.

Dear developers: please get on that ASAP. for Mac OS X. kthnxbye.

So, seeing as I have roughly 2 folks from my current f-list on my reading/access list over at DW, I need to know who else is out there.

Also, if anyone is in need of a DW code, please let me know. I'm sure I have about 6 gazillion of those by now to pass on so we can run away from the clueless Russian overlords and whores who are keen to share our secrets with everyone.


a different kind of update

Ali's recent mentions of being a sucker for strays reminded me i should give you all and update on a certain Raggedy Cat (and subsequent entries with pictures) who showed up on my doorstep nearly a year ago.

finally dubbed Rory, and discovered to be the sweetest, most unflappable creature under the sun, he fit right into my already cat-crowded house. in February, the VSA let me know his chance for adoption at Petco had rolled around, yet before i even brought him in, my parents went down and payed the adoption fee and filed in the paperwork. they did it because they thought he was sweet, and working well in my house. and while he was, i was going stark raving bonkers with 5 cats (and subsequent cat boxes) in the house, and really wanted him to find his true retirement home. certainly living with 4 juvenile delinquents was not what he deserved. i pointed out to mom and dad he was now theirs, and when would they like him delivered?

as expected, old man Rory settled right into life in the house on the farm, locating his preferred sleeping areas, and quickly learning from th dogs that if you sit in the kitchen, you get treats. after porking up even more from what he had been at my house, his diet became a bit more regimented, and he made sure mom kept to it like a Swiss train. most amusing has been his necessities for an 11 pm snack. doesn't matter what time dinner has been, when 11 pm rolls around, he expect his snack. to the point of if my parents have already headed to bed, he marches up there and starts poking people in the face while using his loud voice to let them know it is 11 pm. this cracks me up to no end.

even the flurry of the toy poodles (there are anywhere from 2 to 5 in the house at any one time) doesn't phase him. one of the puppies from this summer who is with mom most of the time (the sweet little apricot girl, Bubbles) is completely smitten with him. most of the other dogs ignore him, but Bubbles is completely in love with him, and runs over to him and slathers his face with puppy kisses. it is the sweetest thing ever, and he just sits and takes it.

Saturday afternoon i stopped by the farm and was chatting with dad. the house was dog-free at the moment, and Rory was taking full advantage of that by sacking out on the couch. i sat on the floor next to him and gave him some one on one devotion, amazed once again that this was a cat who had basically been at death's door when he found his way to me. to see him now, and take into account how old he probably is (15+, at least), he really is a miracle. and i think he knows it. he is till the sweetest, gentlest and most mellow soul i've ever come across. while i miss his laid back nature in my house, i know he's found his retirement pasture, and luckily, i will always have visitation.


a rare drama ramble

i've been running out things to listen/watch on the iPod while at work. this is not good. as i've said before, iPod entertainment while at work keeps my inner 12 yo ADD self happy and entertained and not up on LJ producing posts. ahem. all 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls have been processed multiple times. Firefly has been watched over 3 dozen times. Pride & Prejudice, North & South, Wives & Daughters, Cranford, all multiple times. Bodies (UK drama) is good and juicy, but only for eps i've seen, and i'm down tot he final two, s i really want to be able to sit and *watch* those those process all the subtleties. podcasts tend to be bad because i have to pay too much attention.

so i've been poking around the dvd and download collection to see what else i have to convert and load up on that i can not have to pay too much attention to, and yet still enjoy. it's a tough balance.

someone uploaded the UK drama Sparkhouse a week or so ago, and hooked me with the mention of Richard Armitage. everything else should of had me fleeing in terror. why? it's remake of Wuthering Heights.

lemme explain. i loathe Wuthering Heights. i know, the hight of gothic romance, i should be all over it, but i've hated it from that summer before 9th grade when i had to read it. was there ever a more despicable and nasty set of characters on the face of the earth? before i even understood what it was to write and create characters that were relatable and redeemable, i smelled something rotten on that baby and wanted to stab my eyes out. i think in a paper i once wrote something along the lines of "and then Cathy died, and i danced around the room in glee."

then there was a spring break in college when a certain loser in my life had to read the novel as part of a remedial english lit class. (seriously, you get into Sewanee and you flunk English 101? with Willie Cocke? this was obviously my first clue.) there was an insistence on renting all the movied versions of WH that week as well since reading was so difficult. so i had to sit and suffer through the brilliance of Laurence Oliver playing the loser Heathcliff and deciding that i now hated him for all time. all the while, english-flunking loser and raving abut how this is the Best Story Ever, and this is True Love. i was back to wanting to stab my eyes out or stab the english-flunking loser. i should have gone with the later. especially as i missed the second big honking clue at this point that english-flunking loser found the fucked up abusive relationship of these despicable creatures True Love.

anyway. so i hate WH. and yet, yesterday out of desperation for something to keep me focused at work, i turned it on. i'm halfway through, and all i can say is there is not much Richard Armitage (yet), but this is a sick and twisted retelling in a good way. there is an edge and strength and promise in Carol/Heathcliff at least that makes me say you go, girl! instead of being despicable, the characters are broken, and we see why (why yes of course there is incest and the product of it!). Andrew/Cathy is a f'ing twit, and it looks like Carol has come to embrace that and lord i hope not move in that direction again (i'm deluding myself, aren't i?). of course i know this cannot end well and she is likely to take a tumble down into despicable depths -- and hello, this whole story has no hope of ending happy.

which is why i ripped Ferris Beuller's Day Off onto the iPod last night for a light and fluffy chaser.



my sinuses are trying to kill me. i may let them succeed since if i'm dead i don't have to worry about struggling to breathe.

how can i still be so tired?

have been insanely sick with a stomach bug of some kind (just not the 24 hour variety). i slept for large chunks of Sunday, thought I was better Monday morning, but by afternoon was clearly headed downhill again and fast. Monday evening/night was spent in fitful dozing, tormented with pain, nausea and fever. i crawled into work at 6.30 yesterday morning to get 3 things out that *had* to be dealt with. was back home in bed by 11. woke up around 6.30, was able to get some fluid in and staying in, and was back asleep at 9.30.

i'm now sitting at my desk yawning, and in that tingly/dizzy state that screams "nap, now!"

but, other than that, 100 times better than yesterday. oy!

it may be monday...

... but i have at present, a happy tummy. thanks to the bad (ha!) influence of [info] dodging_fate, i made up a huge batch of enhanced hot cereal to have for the week. when i first found Bob's Mighty Tasty GF Hot Cereal, i just doctored it up the way my mom had taught me to doctor up farina -- butter, tons of brown sugar and milk. yummy! even if it did make my fillings sing as i ate it.

seeing as i needed to skip my usual egg in the morning this week (since lunch is my to die for broccoli and artichoke heart frittata), i needed to do something else that would fit in the new eating game plan. hot cereal was on the list, but sugar wasn't. so to get this to be palatable and insanely healthy, i added in a ton of dried apples, the usual cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg, lots of forti-flax and chopped walnuts (still hate them, but can tolerate eating them in this). reheated with a splash of whole milk, i'm quite happy.


now if only we could break my body of its new habit of be awake for 3-4 hours, fall asleep for 2 and i'll be fine and able to get through the work day.



i love this Neil Patrick Harris quip on his being asked to host the Emmy's and nominated for supporting actor:

"Being asked to host the show – terrific. Getting a third nomination – fantastic. Having the ability to scribble my name in the envelope backstage when no one is looking – priceless."

i hope he wins so this quote can come back to bite him. :)


paging [info] - personaldeaver for geekiness

bwahahaha! my massage therapist and i were talking about the lack of Sex in the SYTYCD auditions this year. i guess we just hadn't waited long enough. from Nigel's tweets:

dizzyfeet: Two SYTYCD audition shows this week. Wednesday & Thursday. Apart from some outstanding dancers I love the Dance Battle in Seattle with Sex.

dizzyfeet: I promise all you SYTYCD fans that this is the final time Sex will appear on the show. You'll see why!!!?

ack! they promised us *last* year was the last year they would let him in! but, a dance battle sounds great. i hope it's with Nigel himself.

ETA: for those of you who are going "Sex? WTH?", enjoy some Crazy!People.

and check out this video i can't embed with bonus hysterical Mia Michaels' moments.

DW invite codes

i have two invite codes up for grabs if anyone is interested in testing the waters. :)